Morsbach, Ginger

Hello My Name Is...

‚ÄčMrs. Morsbach

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 I am excited to be here in Crawford for my seventeenth year in education!
This will be my second year in Crawford.  And I am loving it!  

I attended Baylor University and graduated with a B.S. in Education.  While teaching, I began attending graduate school to improve my knowledge and skills to better serve my students.  I graduate from the University of St. Thomas with a Master Degree in Education with a dual emphasis in Languagestthomas.png Arts and Principalship/Gifted and Talented Education.  Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to earn certifications in many different areas as I worked with different populations.  Currently, I hold certifications as a Reading Specialist, Gifted and Talented Education, English as a Second Language, Special Education, Secondary English, Elementary Self Contained, and Principalship.  I also have been trained in working with Dyslexic students.

  I have a fantastic family. We love to camp and hike and generally act silly together, as you can see in the picture above.  I have two children.  My daughter, Jane Anne, will be starting 6th grade this year, and my son, Carl, will be in 4th grade.   My husband serves as a Commander in the Killeen Police Force.  We are lucky enough to live on fifty acres right across the street from Mother Neff State Park which gives us plenty of room to hike, grow vegetables, and generally just mess around outside.  We own about 2 dozen chickens, a cat,  and three dogs that enjoy spending time outside with us as well.  The dogs, not the chickens.  The chickens are rather inscrutable and don't seem to have an opinion on much of anything other than food.  That they seem to like.  Especially tomatoes and strawberries.  We listen to Christian music on the radio ,and I have been known to make them dance in the kitchen with me.  And yes, I sing in the car even when I know people are watching!  We enjoy cooking on the grill for dinner rather than in the kitchen, and I would rather play Skip-Bo or 42 with my family than mop the floor.  I think that makes me normal...  Don't you?  

 I can't wait to meet you (or see you again if your a returning eight grader!) in August when school starts up again.  I hope you all enjoyed your summer and had plenty of rest.  Because it is GO TIME!!!!  Be ready for ANYTHING!